SIGN CARE2 PETITION! 4 Shocking Animal Races Canceled So Far; Let’s Make It 5!


A growing number of animal races are being canceled as a result of public pressure generated by a host of Care2 petitions.

As of late, four shocking animal races have ended before they even began, and we are not only talking about horses and dogs.

Horrifically, the recent petition that started the relay against animal races was one protesting a sheep race that was scheduled to take place at a church fair in June 2017.

Known for being nervous and easily scared, these poor animals would have been forced to race with a stuffed animal on their back had it not been for a Care2 petition, started by Samantha Francis, that garnered more than 60,000 signatures.

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Fortunately, the Woodditton Parish Council in the UK agreed to halt the “unnecessary and cruel” event.

Francis took the win and ran with it; creating a new petition to stop a similar sheep race that was planned in Moffat, Scotland. More than 83,000 Care2 members signed Francis’ second petition which, again, led to the cancellation of the race.

Francis then initiated a successful petition to stop a pig race that would have taken place yesterday at The Vine in Great Bardfield, Essex.

Inspired that Care2 petitions were responsible for the cancellation of three animal races, another member named Sharon-Ann decided to create her own petition against a sheep race that was scheduled for today in Northumberland.

Close to 42,000 Care2 activists signed the petition against the now defunct race.

“Great news!” she wrote in a petition update. “I told the show committee about the petition on Monday and they emailed me directly to advise me that they had a meeting and decided to not include the sheep race in the show. This is the third sheep race to be canceled as a result of a Care2 petition! Well done everybody!”

Well done indeed!

WAN is thrilled to share this news and continues to encourage people to use their voice for the voiceless whenever and wherever possible!

Now people are needed to put the power of the petition to work again, this time to demand the cancellation of a sheep race at Llandovery Sheep Festival in Wales on September 23rd and 24th.

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