First Vegan Farm Sanctuary In Denmark Threatened & Needs Help Now!

Fields of Freedom

Fields of Freedom, the first vegan farm sanctuary in Denmark which is known for its rescue of farm animals from industrial animal exploitation, desperately needs help to protect its more than 70 rescued animals from hostile neighbors threatening to kill them.

Sadly, the sanctuary has already lost Parsley Pig due to toxic poisoning that led to her having to be euthanized.

Fields of Freedom

A You Caring fundraiser has been established to help secure the sanctuary which offers abused and neglected farm animals who were on their way to slaughter, an opportunity to live the balance of their lives in peace.

“We need to erect secure housing for the rescued cows, sheeps and pigs to be safe at night and to install video surveillance equipment in the far fields for the animals’ protection,” explained sanctuary founder Christopher Crump in an appeal for donations. “The animals had gone through so much horror in their lives before they finally, finally were rescued and came to Fields of Freedom.”

Fields of Freedom

How incredibly sad and wrong is it that these poor animals are now at risk in their own sanctuary?

Please Donate Here to Fields Of Freedom which is founded upon the belief that “animals can live free from suffering and abuse.”

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