Sign Our White House Petition To Save Ruperta From Venezuelan Zoo


Please Sign our White House petition by WAN’s Lauren Lewis to give aid to the Venezuelan Government to save Ruperta a 46-year-old African Elephant that is starving to death at the Caricuao Zoo.

Ruperta is one of at least 50 animals now dying from starvation in the country.

Zoo officials, the Government and the National Institute of Parks all had different excuses for Ruperta’s substantial and painfully-visible weight loss.

Enough with words. We need action!

These starving animals must be Rescued and Relocated to a protected sanctuary!

Please sign this World Animal News petition, NOW, urging for the zoo’s closure and its remaining animals rescued, before more fall ill, or worse, die!

🖋Sign Petition HERE & Make Sure To Verify Your Signature Via E-Mail So It Counts! Thank you! 🙏❤🐘

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