South African Hunter Believed To Have Been Eaten By Crocodiles In Zimbabwe

Daily Mail

Tragically, being a father of two did not deter 44-year-old South African hunter, Scott Van Zyl, from pursuing and killing wild animals for sport. It was such a significant part of his life, Van Zyl also owned a company that runs hunting trips for foreign clients.

It was also, apparently, what led to his life ending abruptly.

Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the professional hunter 44, vanished last week while on a hunting safari after he and his tracker entered the bush.

It is now believed that Van Zyl was eaten by crocodiles. Evidence points to his dogs returning to the camp without him, and his belongings, including his rifle, were found in his truck. Trackers found his backpack and footsteps that led to the banks of the Limpopo River in Zimbabwe. Most suspicious of all, when the two suspected Nile crocodiles were sadly shot dead by police and animal nature conservation services, human remains were found inside of them.

“We found what could possibly be human remains in them,” Sakkie Louwrens, who was part of an extensive search and rescue team that included helicopters, divers and trackers, told The Telegraph.

The remains are currently being tested by forensic experts to determine if they belong to Van Zyl.

Per the article, Zimbabwe recently had heavy rains which raised the level of the river and dam; potentially causing more crocodiles to surface in areas where they are not normally seen.

Disturbingly, it also makes note that at least “four people have been killed by crocodiles in Zimbabwe in the past month.”

Most recently, shocked villagers found the remains of an eight-year-old boy inside a crocodile in March. Shocked villagers sadly killed the animal.

A Nile crocodile’s diet usually consists of fish, antelope and zebra.

Perhaps this sad news of unnecessary loss of life will serve as a wake-up call, and help put an end to sport hunting for good.

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