Storefront Petting Zoo To Sadly Open In Las Vegas After One Closes In Oklahoma City

Neon Jungle

The positive news that a storefront petting zoo in Oklahoma City had permanently closed its doors was somewhat overshadowed by the upsetting revelation that the owner has plans to open a new location in Las Vegas; where he estimates it can generate upwards of $10,000 a day.

The compassionless owner of the now-defunt Neon Jungle OKC, Jeff Lowe, called it “entirely a business decision” in a recent in an article posted on; citing lack of foot traffic at the Plaza Mayor location as the reason why he closed the operation that touted $25.00 play sessions and photographs with wild baby animals.

As reported by WAN last month, tiger, lemur and bear cubs were among the animals being exploited by the OKC location which received daily transfers of the vulnerable babies from the controversial Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (G. W. Zoo).

The questionable organization is known for breeding big-cat cubs which are tragically separated from their mothers at four weeks of age or younger to be used for photo ops or transferred to other shady exhibitors throughout the country.

The Oklahmonan

PETA has requested for the USDA to investigate others zoos throughout the country that have reportedly acquired big neonatal cats from G. W. Zoo such as Special Memories Zoo in Greenville Wisconsin.

Among its many offenses, according to a previous article published in the Post-Crescent, a 2015 USDA inspection of Special Memories Zoo found rodent droppings surrounding animals food, empty water bowls, and soiled bedding. A 2014 inspection found a pile of feces about a foot wide and at least 6 inches tall inside a shelter for the animals.

As if the many parts of this story were not shady enough, after WAN’s further investigation, we also revealed that the Wynnewood Zoo was originally founded by big cat breeder “Joe Exotic” who is “currently a 2018 gubernatorial candidate for the state of Oklahoma following an unsuccessful 2016 bid for President of the United States.

The Oklahoman

As always, WAN discourages people from participating in or supporting any exploitation of animals for misguided entertainment purposes!

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