URGENT! Need Support- Say Goodbye To Puppy Mills In California


An urgent call to action has been issued this morning to help push the passage, and counter the questionable opposition, of a critical bill in California, AB 485 The Pet Rescue And Adoption Act.

Please Join us this morning at 9am pacific, 12pm eastern time, to help push this important bill forward! 


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Social Compassion In Legislation’s (SCIL) sponsored bill, that was authored and introduced by Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell of Long Beach, will be voted on in the Assembly Business & Professions Committee, in less than two weekss.

Included in the legislative analysis of the bill which, if approved, will legally require that all dogs, cats, and rabbits offered for retail sale solely be obtained by public or private animal shelters located in California or from non-profit rescue groups.

Your involvement is even more imperative now, that WAN has learned, that lobbyists have been retained to oppose the bill by puppy mill supporters, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) and California Retailers Association.

A lobbyist has also been retained to represent the following stores in opposing the bill; Fancy Puppy in Corona, Hello Puppies in Temecula, Broadway Puppies in Escondido and National City Puppy in National City.

Supporters of the bill who called the stores, anonymously, confirmed that the stores puppies “all come from out of state and are delivered every Tuesday via tractor trailer from the Midwest.”

AB 485 The Pet Rescue And Adoption Act follows in the highly-successful footsteps of the City of Los Angeles ordinance that was passed in 2012 and has been replicated in 31 other California cities and over 200 cities throughout the United States.

Also, be the voice for the voiceless and help save the lives of innocent animals by calling in your support to local legislators. http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov

Photo Credits: easterrosspets, Bored Panda, Pets Smart Charities, northjersey.com, homeagain.com

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