100 Persian Cats Rescued From An “Overwhelmed” Breeder, Now Under The Care Of Central New York SPCA; Donations Needed!

Photo From C Tommy Sladek, Twitter

One of the hardest things that an animal advocate has to hear is when a pet owner is only interested in getting a purebred pet and won’t visit their local shelter to adopt an animal that is so deserving of a loving furever home.

At least half of the animals in all shelters are purebreds, sadly given up, found as strays, or abandoned by their owners.

Earlier this week, the Central New York SPCA (CNY SPCA) became the new temporary home for an estimated 100 purebred Persian Cats after an “overwhelmed” breeder released possession of the animals to the shelter. She did so with the stipulation that her name not be released to the public.

“While families are out Trick or Treating, a few of us are waiting here to take in a hoarding case of 100 cats,” the organization posted on its Facebook page on October 31st, further explaining the urgent need for food, litter, foster families, and monetary donations.

The following morning, an updated post shared that the shelter was receiving an outpouring of support and donations. It further explained the need to close on Friday and to respond to phone messages, organize donations, log the cats into the computer, and facilitate medical checks.

“Our staff and volunteers will be in taking care of 226 cats, 61 dogs, and 13 little critters,” noted the post. “We will make appointments for adoptions, but for viewing and shelter visits, we need to close to concentrate our efforts on processing all of the cats we’ve received.”

The post stated that the cats would not be available for at least 48 to 72 hours because some are sick, and they all need their shots. Although that did not stop people from filling out adoption forms, so many that the CNY SPCA shared yesterday that they were no longer taking applications for the Rag Doll cats that just came in.

While the organization appreciates the public’s interest, it explained that adoptions “will not be first come first serve” as they go on what will be best for the cats, and there will only be one per family.

Persians are beautiful, silky-haired, and luxurious cats that are known for being quiet and sweet. Weighing between seven to twelve pounds, Persians are also very affectionate cats.

The adoption fee for each cat will be $250, there will be no fee waived as this particular case will cost the organization an estimated $25,000.

“Please remember that we have over 100 other cats that are waiting for their homes as well,” stated the shelter. “They may not be purebred, but they are all wonderful.”

The shelter also shared the need for financial donations to help with the cats’ extensive medical care and costly antibiotics.

“Please realize we are only able to provide this care with the generous support of our local community. We are not affiliated with any national organizations and do not receive funding from them,” stated the CNY SPCA. “These defenseless animals need your help, please donate to help them today.”

Central New York SPCA is located at 5878 East Molloy Road in Syracuse, NY, 13211.

The main phone number to the shelter is (315) 454-4479

Financial Donations to the CNY SPCA can be made HERE!

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