171 Black Bears Have Been Killed By Hunters In New Jersey Three Days Into The State’s Controversial Annual Bear Hunt; Help End It!


As the number of bears killed during the controversial annual bear hunt in New Jersey continues to increase, so does the outrage of animal advocates who want the barbaric and inhumane so-called “sport” to end permanently.

According to the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife website, 94 bears were killed on Monday, October 14th, the first day of the hunt. On Tuesday, 58 bears were killed. Yesterday, 19 bears were killed. Tragically, with two more days until the end of the hunt, the tally of bears who will be killed at the hands of greedy hunters in New Jersey is expected to rise substantially.

While the overall number of fatalities during the hunt may be less than previous years, the fact is that no animal should ever be killed in this cowardly and senseless manner.

Animal advocates in New Jersey continue to protest against the hunts, but more needs to be done on a legislative level to end this once and for all.

WAN talked with the Founder and Executive Director of One Protest, Adam Sugalski, the force behind a national coalition of activists who worked together to fight against and successfully end the 2016 bear hunt in Florida.

While Sugalski explained that the dynamics of the Florida Bear Hunt and the NJ Bear Hunt differ, he did share some insight into more ways people can take a stand against the hunts.

Animal advocates need to attend the NJ Division Of Fish and Wildlife Committee meetings and speak out against the bear hunts publicly.

“Attending meetings and participating in public comment sessions is so important to become a part of the process and be heard,” said Sugalski. “Change from within.”

“It is important that we all work together and communicate,” Sugalski previously shared with WAN. “We can disagree, but we should do so respectfully.”

As per StopNJBearHunt.com and Bear Defenders, newly elected Governor Phil Murphy made a promise during his campaign, that if elected, he would place a moratorium on the hunt.

Please sign StopNJBearHunt’s petition and urge Governor Phil Murphy to keep his word and END the hunt, HERE!

Please also call Governor Murphy’s office at: (609) 292-6000

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