A Blind Bulldog Rescued From 10-Foot Hole In Costa Mesa


A blind bulldog named Angus who is 14-years-old was rescued by firefighters in Costa Mesa from a 10-foot hole on Saturday.

Angus’ owner, Robyn Hubbard has been searching for her dog since last Wednesday and is familiar with rescuing animals because she runs a pet fostering business. She began asking everyone in her neighborhood if they had seen Angus and started posting signs with no luck. She was worried because Angus is blind and had to have his eyes surgically removed, he also suffers from seizures.

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Robyn’s friend discovered a hole underneath her deck that was 10-feet-deep, and found Angus at the bottom. Costa Mesa firefighters were called to the rescue. They began digging the hole so that one of the firefighters could be lowered down to rescue Angus. Costa Mesa Fire Capt. Chris Coates sent one of his firefighters down the hole head-first with a rope tied to his body.

It took about an hour to rescue Angus from the 10-foot hole. When he came up to the surface he was starving and very dehydrated. Firefighters took him to the vet with no serious injuries.

Thank you to the amazing firefighters who are heroes and came to the rescue of Angus the blind bulldog and his owner Robyn Hubbard. A happy ending for all!

Source & Photo Credit: ocregister.com



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