2 Baby Deer Rescued From Floods By Louisiana & Baton Rouge Police


Many animals are being displaced during the massive floods in Louisiana. Wildlife is being caught in the middle of the flooding disaster and wandering into the streets to find higher ground and safety.

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State Police have joined in the efforts to evacuate both people and animals in need. LSP Trooper David Hernandez came to the rescue of a fawn that became trapped in a flooded apartment complex on Wednesday.

Viewers and reporters have submitted several images of deer that have been flushed from their natural habitat by the recent torrential downpour that brought flooding to South Louisiana.

Another officer, Cpl. Jordan Lear from the Baton Rouge Police Department was able to rescue a second baby dear from the flood waters near Lee High School. He brought the fawn to LSU Vet School to be cared for.


“Just one of the many furry little friends we were able to rescue during the massive flooding over the past few days.” Jordan said.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries say that wildlife rescue should be left to the professionals.

When a human picks up a fawn, the doe usually picks up the human’s scent and many times rejects the baby as a result. This makes the reunion of the doe and fawn very unlikely.

Please contact the (LDWF) if you spot a displaced fawn so professionals can help in the rescue efforts.

If the situation is dire and help cannot be reached, we suggest that you use your best judgement in order to save the animals life.

Source & Photo Credit:
Lousiana State Police (facebook)
Baton Rouge Police (facebook)


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