2 Endangered Borneo Pygmy Elephants Dead In 2 Months? Sign Petition Demanding That Wildlife Park In Malaysia Improve Conditions For Its Animals


In the past two months, two endangered Borneo pygmy elephants, including a four-year-old calf, have died at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park located in the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah.

Since opening in 2007, countless complaints about the state of its animals have been made by various organizations, despite claims by authorities that the zoo is also used to place rescued animals.

The zoo has again been exposed, further revealing the dreadful condition of how animals are kept after photos emerged of bears and tigers kept in horribly tiny night cages, injured animals, and elephants mercilessly chained including one who looks emaciated.

Enrichment, which is important for the mental and physical well being of animals, is never provided for any animal at the zoo.

Sign petition urging the new Sabah environment minister, Christina Liew to take action and urgently improve the lives of animals at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park as well as to stop its animals breeding and cease importing animals so that resources can be used to improve the welfare and provide daily enrichment for all animals at the park HERE!

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