2016 Rio Olympics Commercial Highlights Endangered Species In Wake Of Jaguar Killing


The BBC launched a video campaign that compares the powerful strength of Olympic athletes with the strength of such exotic animals as the jaguar. In the promo, the athletes gradually transform into wildlife that inhabit Rio’s Tijuca rainforest.
The film campaign launched on BBC One on July 10th, which was a huge summer sports day for the BBC due to the airing of the men’s finals at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Mark Roalfe, chairman and creative director at RKCR/Y&R, the company that created the campaign: “We’ve set the bar pretty high with our work on the Olympics with BBC Sport in previous years, so humanizing animals felt like a fresh and interesting approach to differentiate ourselves from all the activity around Rio 2016.”

In June, a jaguar that was part of an Olympic torch relay event was shot and killed after it attempted to escape its handlers. The death of the jaguar, known as Juma, ignited an Internet firestorm of criticism.

“We made a mistake when we allowed the Olympic torch, a symbol of peace and union of different people, to be exhibited next to a chained wild animal,” said the Rio 2016 organizing committee via a statement. “This scene contradicts our beliefs and values. We are very saddened by what happened after the torch relay and guarantee we will not witness any other situation like this one during the Rio 2016 Games.”

Source: creativity-online.com


Photo: http://theinspirationroom.com

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