Prayers For Orphaned Baby Rhino, Isibindi!

Thula Thula – Karen Trendler UPDATE:

Isibindi, a baby rhino was rescued after her mother was poached for her horn. It has been a very rough 48 hours with baby Isibindi. She has had many seizures and also has a urinary track issue as well. She is not interested in drinking milk but must try her best in order to survive the next 48 hours.

Her prognosis is poor but we must remain optimistic so that baby Isibindi survives. She is one of many rhino orphans as a result of the black market rhino horn trade happening in Africa and Asia.

Isibindi seems to have finally found a position that she’s most comfortable in. She lays her head on a mattress and bum on the floor.

Please send your prayers for her quick recovery!

Source: Boots On The Ground 

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