BREAKING: 3-Month-Old Kyara The ‘Last’ Orca Born At SeaWorld Has Died


Per SeaWorld has announced today that Kyara, the 3-month-old orca born in April at SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas has died. The news comes after the park’s announcement on Saturday that Kyara had an infection, likely pneumonia.

Like so many captive orcas before her, Kyara died without the comfort of her mother or family. The 3-month-old died within hours of animal activists and Academy Award nominee James Cromwell leading a group of PETA supporters in a takeover of SeaWorld’s “Orca Encounter” show.

Kyara is one of 40 orcas who have died in captivity at SeaWorld thus far. She is the fifth marine mammal and third infant this year to have paid the ultimate price in these captive-animal abusement parks.

On Saturday, SeaWorld announced that Kyara was showing possible signs of pneumonia. Although Kyara and Takara are both kept at SeaWorld San Antonio, Kyara is currently being held in the husbandry pool, separated from her mother. While the company claims that its “goal is to return her back to Takara, and to reunite mom and calf with the rest of the pod as soon as possible,” two of her siblings have not seen their mother for years.

As SeaWorld Of Hurt explains, Kyara’s family has been torn apart from the beginning. Kasatka is Takara’s mother and Kyara’s grandmother. Kasatka gave birth to Takara, her first calf, on July 9, 1991. Her mate and Takara’s father, Kotar, died when Takara was only 3 years old, after a pool gate closed on his head, fracturing his skull. Even though wild orcas often live with their mothers for life, Kasatka and her calf were separated when Takara was only 12 years old. Kasatka is being held at SeaWorld San Diego, while Takara resides at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Tell SeaWorld to reunite Mother and Grandmother in a seaside sanctuary where the two orcas who haven’t see each other in many years will live out the rest of their lives in peace not exploited for entertainment.

SeaWorld, the time is now to put greed and money to the side and do what is right after so many years of using these incrediably intelligent animals for profit.

Retire all of your orcas to seaside sanctuaries and turn into a rescue, rehab & release center for marine mammals. It’s the right thing to do!

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