3 Poachers Killed During Shootout At Mount Elgon National Park In Kenya; Another 2 Remain At Large

Last week while on a routine patrol, wildlife troopers at a Kenyan Wildlife Preserve came across a group of five poachers, believed to be from Uganda.

According to Kenya Wildlife Service, two of the poachers were armed with AK-47 rifles.

The poachers had reportedly illegally entered Mount Elgon National Park with the intent to kill elephants and steal their tusks.

When the wildlife officers approached the poachers, bullets started flying leaving three of the five perpetrators dead while the other two were able to escape with minor injuries.

No word on the status of the wildlife officers which fortunately leaves us to believe they survived the shootout.

As per numerous outlets including Metro, poaching declined sharply in Kenya from a peak in 2012 but remains a problem, with about 69 elephants and nine rhino killed last year.

Another sad and sobering statistic, more than 33,000 elephants are poached each year, which equates to one every 20 minutes.

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