30 Horses Have Died Tragically As A Result Of The Creek Fire In SoCal

CBS News

While miraculously no human deaths have been reported so far as a result of the numerous wildfires currently scorching through Southern California, sadly, the same cannot be said for animals.

One case in point, ended with nearly 30 horses tragically being burned to death at Rancho Padilla in Sylmar, despite animal control officials’ heroic attempts to evacuate as many horse stables as possible.

More than 60 horses, many which had been boarded, were living at the ranch moments before the Creek Fire reached the property.

Sadly, only 15 Horses survived, including 7-year-old Ruben, who was burned over 65 percent of his body.

“It’s awful,” Virginia Padilla, the co-owner of the ranch who could not confirm the condition or whereabouts of the other possible 45-plus horses, told KCBS earlier this week. “There are no words.”


Virginia Padilla, left, who lost 29 horses at her Padilla Ranch on Little Tujunga Canyon Road, is comforted by friend Shelby Hope. The horses, many of them boarded animals, were killed in the Creek fire. Photo by Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times

According to the news outlet, Ruben is one of more than 200 horses and wild animals that are currently receiving veterinary care at make-shift facilities including Pierce College Equine Center, which had two dozen extra stalls built to accommodate more animals, Hansen Dam Equestrian Center and the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Fortunately, Rueben is expected to recover and is on antibiotics and pain medication.

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