30-Year-Old Ark Animal Rescue & Retirement Home In The UK Ordered To Keep Their Dogs Quiet Or Else; Sign Petition To Help Them!

The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home in North Somercotes, Lincolnshire, in the UK, has been served with a noise abatement order by East Lindsey District Council.

“The kennels will be out of bounds to the public. If you want to view a particular dog, staff will be happy to bring the dog out to meet you,” the nonprofit posted on its Facebook page. “We’ve had a noise abatement notice served upon us and have to find a way to keep the dogs quieter, so we can no longer allow anybody but staff to enter the kennel blocks.”

The unfathomable call for silence has outraged animal advocates who are demanding that the order against the animal rescue, which has been in the village for more than three decades, be rescinded.

The order is not only ridiculous, it is next to impossible.

“Ark has bent over backwards and spent much needed funds on noise reduction schemes but to no avail, the complainants are still not satisfied,” notes a petition signed by more than 11,000 people. “How do you tell a distressed dog not to bark or howl at times?”

The problem reportedly began three years ago when people moved into a property near Ark, and have since been complaining about the sanctuary.

“If they do not like it, then move,” stated the petition. “The Ark has been established for over 30 years.”

As per an update on their Facebook page this morning, Joe Pepper from Bridge McFarland Solicitors in South Grimsby, is now dealing with the noise abatement order.

Please sign this petition that will be sent to the leader of the East Lindsey District Council, demanding that it rescinds the noise abatement order served to The Ark HERE!

Donations to The Ark Rescue and Retirement Home can also be made HERE!

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