More Than 3,000 Hens From Britain Saved From Slaughter & Begin Retirement

The British Hen Welfare Trust

More than 3,000 hens began their first days of retirement over the weekend thanks in great part to a recent appeal issued by The British Hen Welfare Trust and the overwhelming response to it by a host of kind-hearted people.

The non-profit organization, which is committed to finding homes for commercial hens destined for slaughter, shared its appreciation on its Facebook page; crediting a recent story on Lincolnshire Live with helping to re-home a staggering 190 hens who were facing certain death after their egg production slowed down.

The heartfelt story has reportedly been shared more than 2,330 times.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to each and every person who responded to Lincolnshire Live’s appeal,” said a British Hen Welfare Trust spokesperson. “Thanks to you, we have found homes for every single hen this weekend. You are all life savers.”

According to the article, the rescued hens who had been laying eggs to be sold in supermarkets or go into processed foods, are approximately 18 months old; the age they are usually sent to slaughter.

Sadly, there are still approximately 16 million colony caged hens in the U.K.

The organization, which also educates consumers on how to influence the conditions which laying hens are kept, is holding its next re-homing event in Stamford on August 26.

People interested in adopting what will “become much-loved pets,” are encouraged to register on its website or to call 01884 860084 for more information.

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