ASPCA Rescues 37 Wolf-Dog Hybrids And 14 Horses From “Deplorable” Conditions In Wisconsin

The ASPCA’s rescue, transport and sheltering of 37 Wolf-dog hybrids and 14 horses which began last Friday from a large property in Crandon, Wisconsin continued through the weekend, according to local news station WJFW.

On Sunday, live traps were still being set up on the scene and there were as many as 10 dogs still on the loose, according to Tim Rickey, ASPCA’s Field Investigation and Response Department Vice President.

The animals were living in “some pretty deplorable conditions”.

A previous report by the ASPCA, which assisted the Forest County Sheriff’s Department with the rescue, indicated that many of the animals, some who were suffering from untreated medical issues, were kept on chains without adequate access to shelter, food or water.

“We’ve been concerned about these neglected animals for quite some time,” said Forest County Sheriff John Dennee in a statement. “We wanted to make sure this case was handled properly and we cannot thank the ASPCA enough for their expertise and assistance in this investigation.”

Calling it the “largest suspected wolf hybrid” case he has ever witnessed in his 15 years of service, Rickey explained that he believed people have become wiser regarding wolf hybrids.

While he acknowledged to know that some people have owned wolf-dog hybrids, many states have outlawed them as pets because of safety concerns.

Wisconsin reportedly has some permits and health requirements in place for people to be able to have these types of animals.

“What we will do is bring a team of behaviorists, really begin evaluating the individual animal behavior, and at some point we’ll be making decisions on whether or not these animals are safe to place based on that information,” said Rickey about the animals which are being held at a nearby ASPCA emergency center.

The news follows last week’s account of Capone, a suspected wolf-dog hybrid, who was being held in Colorado pending results of a DNA test. On a positive note, the results proved negative, and he has since been returned to his family of more than 10 years.

Source: WJFW News, ASPCA
Photo Credits: WQOW, ASPCA 


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