More Than 40 Dogs Found Dead & 32 Other Animals Discovered In Horrific Case Of Animal Neglect

Photos from BVSPCA

A devastating case of animal neglect was uncovered on Sunday in Seaford, Delaware when the state’s Animal Control and Cruelty Enforcement unit found more than 40 dead dogs at an undisclosed property.

After following up on a tip, Delaware Animal Services (DAS) also discovered another 31 dogs and one cat that were subsequently released to The Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA) for much-needed care and rehabilitation.

The dogs include a variety of small dog breeds, such as Bichon Frise, Shih-Tzu, Pekingese, and terriers, along with two standard poodles. They range in age from two to ten years old.

Of the animals seized, five dogs in stable condition were immediately transferred to the BVSPCA Georgetown Campus for evaluation, and the BVSPCA took 27 severely ill animals for emergency veterinary care, where one had to, sadly, be euthanized.

All surviving animals are now being cared for at the BVSPCA Georgetown Campus.

“Conditions at the property were horrific,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO. “It’s remarkable to see how friendly and trusting these dogs remain after everything they’ve been through. We’re doing everything in our power to help them recover and hope to have the opportunity to help them find loving forever families.”

The investigation is ongoing and charges are forthcoming from the Delaware Office of Animal Welfare (OAW). Meanwhile, the animals will receive ongoing care at the BVSPCA Georgetown Campus. All suffer severe emaciation, along with other medical issues resulting from their neglect.

The BVSPCA is requesting the community’s help meeting the significant cost of medical care for the survivors.

Donations can be mailed to the Brandywine Valley SPCA at 22918 Dupont Boulevard, Georgetown, DE 19947 or online HERE!

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