40 People Spend 40 Hours In Cage To Protest Factory Farming In New Zealand

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In a dramatic demonstration against factory farming, 40 people are spending 40 hours confined in a cage as part of a social experiment to raise awareness about the biggest animal welfare issue in New Zealand.

A collaboration between animal advocacy organization SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) and creative content agency, Manifest, the Caged Being event has been designed to simulate the cruel and inhumane conditions that 125 million factory farm animals in New Zealand experience every day.

Radio New Zealand

Each person reportedly inhabits space that is not much larger than a telephone booth.

“They’re only going to be allowed to go to the toilet at set times, so they’re going to have to get used to not having that freedom to come and go as they choose,” SAFE campaigns director Mandy Carter explained to Radio New Zealand. “Like factory-farmed animals, they’re going to be fed a very boring grain-fed diet of muesli and soy milk four times a day, so it’s going to be a life of deprivation and restriction.”

According to its website, SAFE ambassadors actor Emmett Skilton, social media influencers Sam Morgan and Tian Tan, musician Franko Heke and Masterchef 2013 winner Aaron Brunet and his daughter Ariana are among the volunteers that will be closely confined with no privacy for nearly two days.

“For me, it’s just 40 hours of my time, but for [the animals] it’s their entire life, so yeah I’m prepared to give it up,” said 17-year-old Ariana, one of the youngest participants.

In order to mimic the mundane and under-stimulated existence of factory farming animals, participants will have no access to creature comforts or entertainment; though the website does state that for specific periods of time the volunteers will be allowed to vlog during their experience.

It is also important to note that a psychologist is also present in case any of the 40 people need help.

“Factory farming is an important issue, and I’m all about that vegan lifestyle,” Tian Tan said in an article published by the New Zealand Herald in which he also confirmed that his greatest concern was not being able to shower. “The hardest part will be boredom and feeling dirty; I’m afraid I might get cranky and make things hard for the other participants.”

The event, Caged Being, is being live streamed on Facebook. People in the area are also able to view the Caged Being event in person at 63 great North Road in Ponsonby.

SAFE is requesting that people show their support for the ‘Caged Beings’ during the experiment by making donations here which will be used to “make a real difference as we fight together to end the cruel practice of factory farming and make New Zealand a better place for all animals.”

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