400-Pound Moose On The Loose In Colorado Is Rescued & Released Into Remote Mountain Area

Photos from Westminster Police Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook pages.

Much to animal advocates delight, a 400-pound moose who was found wandering in a Westminster neighborhood early Friday morning is now enjoying her new home in the Colorado mountains.

The Westminster Police Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife were also so pleased with the outcome of the tricky situation, they took to social media to share the news.

“Don’t remember getting moose-wrangling training in the academy,” the local police department posted on its Facebook page, “so good thing we had our Animal Management Officers and Colorado Parks and Wildlife there to take the lead on this call!”

“The moose was a 400lb yearling,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife noted on its Facebook page explaining that they tranquilized the moose before safely relocating it to the Fairplay area. “Happy to report that the moose is happy in her new home!”

It is reportedly not uncommon for large wild animals to be found roaming the Denver metro area, according to Lauren Truitt of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife who explained to KDVR News that they “have been coming further and further into town as they have greenways or natural pathways through parks.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife offers tips on how to handle interactions with various animals people may notice wandering around the state HERE!

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