44 Animals Rescued In Maine From Farm Of Repeat Animal Cruelty Offender

Pigs were among 44 animals removed from a farm in Sorrento, seen here in 2011. Maine Department of Environmental Protection, BDN

Animal welfare investigators in Maine rescued 44 animals from the home of a farmer in the town of Sorrento last week after finding them living in deplorable conditions.

Fourteen sheep, 22 pigs, and eight rats were among the animals found suffering from a variety of health problems including malnutrition.

“They had inhumane, unclean living conditions,” said Liam Hughes, director of the state’s animal welfare program, who reported that the sick animals were subsequently evaluated and treated by veterinarians. “They were not given the proper opportunity to remove themselves from their own filth.”

According to the Bangor Daily News, animal welfare investigators issued a summons to 51-year-old Marc Calcia for cruelty to animals after working with the alleged perpetrator “for the majority of this year” to resolve the problems on his property.

Hughes claimed that the agency decided to remove the animals believed to be at risk after it expended all other actions.

Officials previously took Calcia to court in 2011 for animal cruelty and other charges including an unpermitted “blue tarp structure” that was used to shelter pigs.

Calcia was also acquitted of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and violating conditions of release after a trial in 2012.

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