Safari Club International Auctions Off The Right To Kill Over 1,000 Wild Animals At Vegas Convention

As if there weren’t enough reasons to despise Safari Club International, which proudly calls itself the “leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide,” here are more than a million more.

According to a wildlife group that observed an auction during SCI’s 45th annual trophy hunting convention, millions of dollars were raised by American trophy hunters who bid to secure their spot on one of 60 hunts to South Africa in which an estimated 280 wild animals will be killed.

The money is earmarked to support the lobbying of the United States government to lessen restrictions on trophy hunting.

An estimated 25,000 people attended the event which took place last week at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas; many bidding for the opportunity to kill wildlife including giraffes and zebras.

Those who chose to “upgrade” their bids, also secured the right to hunt endangered elephants, rhinos and lions among other dwindling populations of animals.

“We are worried that with the new US administration, pro-trophy hunting advocacy groups like Safari Club International will have undue negative influence on key wildlife conservation issues,” Masha Kalinina, from the Humane Society International, said. “By allowing US hunters to kill its iconic species, South Africa is boosting the coffers of a powerful US organization that instead threatens global wildlife.”

Auction items included a variety of packages such as a ten-day “South Africa plains game hunt for hunters and two observers “valued at more than $37,000.

The right to shoot nearly 1000 other animals is estimated to have raked in more than an additional 5 million dollars.

Source: The Times and The Sunday Times, Safari Club International

Photo Credit: A Beating Heart  


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