Were 6 Bottle-Baby Goats Stolen Or Rescued From Beef Producing Farm In Salt Lake City?

Photos by RaeAnn Christensen, KUTV

When WAN learned that six young goats were the victims of a “kid-napping” from a Salt Lake farm on Sunday evening, we wanted to spread the word to help ensure the safety of the approximately three-week-old baby goats.

While that remains the priority, we were left questioning whether the four little Nubian goats and two Nigerian dwarf goats were stolen or possibly rescued from the Cross E Ranch where they disappeared.

Upon researching the ranch and feeling compassion for the owners who issued an emotional plea via KUTV for the return of the goats that need to be bottle-fed, WAN was saddened to discover that Cross E Ranch also raises cows for their meat.

“Most people aren’t going to have a goat they can’t milk and bottle feed other goats. If an animal is going to die, I don’t want it to starve to death. That seems like a pretty cruel and inhumane way to die,” ranch representative, Dalon Hinckley, told a news outlet, further noting that when hungry, the baby goats will become very loud. “Put them back here tonight, we’ll take care of them right, no questions asked.”

A cruel way to die? No questions asked?

Well, WAN has plenty of questions such as what was the ranch, which also boasts events and attractions involving animals on its website, rearing the goats and their sad friend, a piglet named Olie, for?

WAN is sending prayers that no matter what the outcome, these innocent baby goats are, and remain safe, secure, and cared for by compassionate hands rather than those of someone with harmful intentions.

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