600 Greyhounds Left Behind & Looking For Forever Homes After Canidrome, Asia’s Only Racetrack, Is Shutdown!

Photos from Macau Anime Facebook Page

WAN is pleased to announce that the only dog racing track in Asia finally shut down after receiving backlash from animal rights groups.

The Canidrome racetrack was located in Macau, the world’s largest gambling hub.

The horrific details behind this racetrack, that was well known for its high death rates, are unfathomable. These poor dogs had been subjected to such inhumane conditions, that included being kept in concrete compounds, often in scorching temperatures while suffering from untreated injuries. Of course, the Canidrome Club always denied any cruelty claims against the racetrack.

The company will be punished under the Animal Protection Act and authorities will ensure proper care for the rescued greyhounds, the government said in a statement.

The Macau government announced last week that Yat Yuen, the company that operated the racetrack, knew since early 2016 that the company’s lease would expire yet failed to provide a responsible solution for the dogs.

“Yat Yuen has been delaying the handling and placement of the greyhound dogs. The care of the dogs has been in an uncertain state, causing public anxiety and social problems,” The Guardian reported that the government said on its website.

Anima, a Macau-based animal welfare group, has always been outspoken about the welfare of these dogs.

“About 360 greyhounds per year were bought mainly in New South Wales, and only eight were placed for adoptions in all these 54 years,”  Anima President, Albano Martins, told The Guardian Australia earlier this year noting that the adoptions came only after the organization began to fight for the dogs welfare in 2012.

Thankfully, Albano Martins, who has played a major role in fighting for the racetrack to be shut down and the greyhounds to be released, said his organization was ready to assist the government to help find proper homes for these rescued dogs.

Anima posted on their Facebook page, “consequently, these Greyhounds are now in dire need of new homes and the SPCA is aware that many dog lovers may be interested in adoption.”

For more information about these rescued Greyhounds, please visit the Greyhound Fact Sheet.

Betting on dog races seems like an obvious form of animal exploitation but for some, greed blinds them. That’s exactly why operations like these ever run in the first place. We must work diligently to shut down all dog racing tracks for good!

WAN thanks Anima for the determination of making sure these dogs will no longer suffer and find loving homes, where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace.

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