URGENT! REWARD For Safe Return Of Three Stolen Koalas Abducted From Wildlife Nurse’s Home Near Brisbane, Australia

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Time may be running out for three young koala bears who were stolen early Friday morning from the home of a wildlife carer near Brisbane, according to the RSPCA and reported by ABC Australia.

The trio of orphaned koalas, believed to be approximately 14 months old, were housed in an enclosure and under the careful supervision of RSPCA vet nurse, Sam Longman.


According to the news outlet, Longman continues to hope that the perpetrators will return the ailing koalas, who were among 10 she was nursing back to health.

While appeals for information, and a financial reward being offered by wildlife supporters, have been made on social media, Longman is concerned that there has been no breakthrough on the whereabouts of the koalas, she said they will not survive on their own.

Courier Mail

“They go through a process with us carers, stage by stage, to get them ready to go back to the wild, and they’re not anywhere near that stage to be released,” said a worried Longman about the koalas who need medication and specialist care. “They’re still very dependent on me.”

Courier Mail

“The situation has now escalated, because whoever took them must realize the danger they’re actually putting those animals in,” said RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty who relayed that it was initially thought to be a misguided prank in which the animals would be returned quickly. “There is no way that whoever took the joeys doesn’t realize the danger the animals are now in. There has been blanket publicity about their need for medication and supplementary feeding.”

Beatty, who warned that “the animals will die if they’re not returned,” said that those responsible for taking the koalas could potentially face animal cruelty charges under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

Sky News

The animals, implored the RSPCA, should be surrendered to its organization, any veterinary surgery or a local police station.

Anyone who has seen the koalas or knows who has taken them is urged to call the police or the RSPCA immediately.

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