$8000.00 Reward Offered In “Heinous Wildlife Crime” Involving Coyote Pups In Chicago

Chicago Tribune

Efforts are being stepped up to find information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the deplorable people that were responsible for leaving six two-week-old coyote pups dead and one fighting for its life last month in Chicago.

The innocent little victims were found discarded in a burlap bag by a fisherman at Penny Pond Forest Preserve in Barrington Hills.

The current reward fund has climbed to $8000.00, and people are encouraged to leave viable tips on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Conservation Police tip line at 1-877-236-7529.

“Cold-case wildlife cases are tough. We’re hoping with the financial reward someone with information will come forward and tell us,” said Jed Whitchurch, IDNR’s supervisor for this region, in a Chicago Tribune article.

With the help of Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, Cook County Forest Preserve Police the Humane Society of the United States and increased media attention, IDNR confirmed that the news of what Whitchurch described as a “heinous wildlife crime” is now spreading.


To anyone wondering why this tragic occurrence even matters since coyotes are legally allowed to be hunted year round in the state of Illinois, Whitchurch responded that “This was not a humane act. This is an unusual case.”

After consulting with a veterinarian, Flint Creek animal rehabber, Dawn Keller confirmed in the article that the surviving coyote pup, now named Peace, is currently recovering from a broken leg that was shattered, as a result of being swung around by it or from blunt-force trauma.

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WAN is praying for Peace!

Chicago Tribune

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