Emergency Rescue Of Sick And Neglected Farm Animals From Woman In British Columbia

Cretonia Times

Animal welfare officers and organizations must be used to people becoming disgruntled on the other end of a warrant to remove animals from their property.

Yesterday, the owner of a deplorable hobby farm in British Columbia, from which 25 severely abused and neglected animals were being confiscated, also became dangerous.


Upon arriving at the Mission property, BC SPCA were confronted by a woman wielding pepper spray, according to CTV News.

The owner was arrested after “staff and others on the property were pepper sprayed,” the animal welfare organization relayed to the media.

Nine pigs, three goats, three turkeys, two alpacas, two horses, two dogs, a calf, a llama, a miniature horse and a miniature pony were among the animals seized.


Lorie Chortyk, a spokesperson for the BC SPCA explained that the organization was originally responding to numerous complaints of animal neglect and now will, indeed, pursue animal cruelty charges in connection with the warrant execution.

In a statement released yesterday, Eileen Drever, a senior animal protection officer, revealed that the animals were suffering from a range of medical issues due to neglect, adding, that the property was “strewn with hazardous debris.”

“Issues,” she said “included serious malnourishment, parasites, skin and eye conditions, lice, flared hooves and heavy matting.”

Eugene Weekly

The animals are presently in the care of the SPCA.

“We care for the animals and make sure they recover,” Chortyk said. “The owner always has the right to appeal for the return of the animals. if they don’t do that, the animals will go up for adoption.”

A hobby farm is supposed to be a small farm that is operated for pleasure or supplemental income, definitely not a place to abuse and neglect innocent animals.


Fingers and paws crossed that these poor animals recover quickly and never spend another harrowing and hungry day; particularly with their owner, who clearly had no regard for the rights of her animals, yet has the “right” to petition for their return.



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