Over 100k People Have Spoken Out To Save The Animals From Black Isle Wildlife Park Re-named Noah’s Ark Animal Park

Hot weather comes to Highlands,at Black Isle Wildlife Park the Raccoons take to the shade of there hut..Picture: Gary Anthony. Image No.033538

According to the Black Isle Wildlife Park website, the infamous park that garnered attention from around the world after pictures surfaced of the terrible conditions the animals were living in has now been re-named “Noah’s Ark Animal Park”. They are apparently home to an array of animals. The wildlife park says that you can spend the whole day interacting with the animals and that it’s an ideal place for entertaining the kids. Really?

They no longer have some of their Exotic Species ie. Meerkat, Wallaby, Racoons and Lemurs and there may be a good reason for that.

On Monday, July 3rd, three volunteers at the Black Isle Wildlife Park witnessed what looked more like a ghost park that was abandoned and the animals were left behind. Their Basic needs are not being met, animals neglected and some even left forgotten about at the back of the park which is not open to the public.

Customers pay to see the animals and walk around a park which is in shambles, enclosures which haven’t been cleaned, broken fences are just the start, overcrowded small spaces, and animals visibly look neglected and depressed.

All you have to do is look into the animal’s eyes and you can see the sadness and horror these animals have endured. The enclosures speak for themselves, the wellbeing of these animals are in danger!!

One week volunteering was enough to see the “black isle wildlife park” Is nothing but an abandoned prison for domestic animals.

Each animal has behavior problems, depression, skin conditions. It’s truly a tragic place I wouldn’t wish anyone to visit let alone pay for the suffering of these animals.

Please help us rehome these animals and shut down this cruel wildlife park once and for all! Please sign the Care2 petition to demand the council take action, and spread the word!

There is no staff other than 3 volunteers. No management, no keepers, no one to meet the basic needs of the animals. It’s atrocious and scary that these animals who rely on human beings are being neglected and not looked after!

If there is no staff, no one to care for these animals, the only option that seems fit is to save the lives of these neglected animals and rehome them all!

The park is the most horrifying place I’ve ever visited let alone volunteered at says Charlotte Lawson, to see what horrors lie behind closed doors. The three volunteers, Charlotte, Rita and a 15-year-old girl are scarred from what they’ve witnessed. The lack of passion or generally empathy for these animals is despicable.

The park was closed for three months last year and their exotic animal license was revoked, but how did they ever get their license back, and why did these poor animals not get rehomed and be put under proper care?

If the only way to stop this cruelty is to prosecute the owners and ask the Court to ban them from having animals, then that is the action Dumfries & Galloway Council should take!

Please Sign Our Partner Care2’s Petition HERE!

by: Charlotte Lawson

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