President Trump Confirms Dangerous Decision To Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Accord

President Donald Trump dropped a bomb on the world today that many of us feared was coming when he officially announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord; now, making the U.S. one of a mere three countries not to be included in the worldwide efforts to combat climate change.

“As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris Accord,” announced Trump from, ironically, the White House Rose Garden. In regards to potentially renegotiating re-entry to the alliance, Trump responded “If we can, great. If we can’t, that’s fine.”

There is so much that is not fine about any of this!

As WAN reported yesterday, the ramifications will most certainly be disastrous and diverse.

His making “good” on a campaign pledge means extremely bad news for the environment and the world as a whole.

“It’s our mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. In combatting the horrors of factory farming, we’re fighting to protect all animals, human and non-human, from the worrisome future of climate change,” concluded Animal Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Stephen Wells. “A strong, worldwide approach to climate change is necessary, and pulling the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord is a giant step backward for our nation and the planet.”

As reported by the Associated Press, Scientists believe that the Earth will most likely reach more dangerous levels of warming sooner than was expected as a result of Trump’s decision as America contributes heavily to rising temperatures.

“Calculations suggest withdrawal could result in emissions of up to 3 billion tons of additional carbon dioxide in the air a year — enough to melt ice sheets faster, raise seas higher and trigger more extreme weather,” AP stated in its report.

We will undoubtedly feel the consequences of Trump’s bombshell announcement, which sadly came days before World Environment Day which is on June 5th.

So what can those of us who feel so helpless do? Now more than ever it is not only up to us but dependent on us, to make conscious choices to create, promote and protect our environment and world.

“Every day we have a chance to vote with our wallets, said WAN’s Katie Cleary who is also the Founder and President of Peace 4 Animals. “It is imperative that we invest our funds in a greener future, the power lies with us, “We The People,” it is time to band together to save the future of our planet.”

Recycling, Reducing and Reusing, driving electric cars and using Rainforest Certified Products are definitely steps in the right direction.

Now is the time to jump in with both feet and take a significant leap forward.

“Don’t eat meat,” continued Cleary who further explained that methane that comes from cows is among the biggest contributor to climate change. “Go vegan!”

By reducing or completely eliminating meat and dairy products from our diets, we are significantly lessening our personal carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.

More information about the Rainforest Alliance Certified Products and what is available can be found on the Rainforest Alliance Website.

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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