A Hunter In Alaska Is Hospitalized After The Bear That He Shot & Killed Tumbled On Top Of Him


A hunter in Alaska remains hospitalized with injuries previously deemed “life-threatening” after a bear that he shot and killed tumbled on top of him.

According to a statement released by Alaska State Troopers, the incident occurred over the weekend when 28-year-old William McCormick and 19-year-old Zachary Tennyson were hunting in the Carter Lake area in Chugach National Forest. As of now, officials have not indicated what type of bear it was.

After shooting the bear that was above them on a ridge, the wounded animal, that weighed an estimated 200 pounds, rolled down the slope dislodging rocks in the process. McCormick was injured when he was struck by both a rock and the bear. “Karma”

Tennyson, who along with McCormick, is in the military and stationed at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), an Air Force and Army base near Anchorage, Alaska, was reportedly not harmed.

Tragically, there are currently only an estimated 30,000 brown bears remaining in Alaska.

As noted on the Alaska Fish and Game website, the hides of bears are sadly “prized” by hunters, the meat of a brown bear is generally considered unpalatable and hunters rarely eat it.

May this serve as yet another reminder that there is no viable reason to hunt and kill an innocent animal for so-called “sport.” It is senseless and unfathomable that this continues to take place and that hunters choose to put lives at risk, including their own, for a so-called “trophy.”

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