A Sickening Bill That Would Have Allowed “The Preserve” & Other Big Game Reserves To Import Exotic Animals For Trophy Hunting Was Thrown Out In Rhode Island!


Fortunately, a bill that would have allowed big game reserves to import exotic animals for trophy hunting was thrown out by lawmakers in Rhode Island last week.

Yet, there is still a “select” group of people in the Richmond area that want this bill, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Stephen Ucci, to return for consideration.

Why would that be???

Because, according to The Preserve at Boulder Hills, they are the “select few” who call it their own private RETREAT for hunting.

“We are not defined merely by what we do, but also by how we choose to spend our time,” the members-only 3,000-acre “sporting” community that provides supposedly “extraordinary” experiences for ‘select families’ noted on its website.

“The Preserve is not a club with members. We are a gathering of like-minded individuals who share and enjoy this beautiful land and who are dedicated to its preservation for the enjoyment of generations to come.”

Last we checked, killing is not Conservation. It’s hard to comprehend that places like this still exist. I much prefer being a part of the majority that is dedicated to the real preservation and conservation of animals and their natural habitats, rather than being one of the “select few” that kills them for enjoyment.

The legislation, which originated from The Preserve, reportedly was pulled in response to the pressure and outrage of animal advocates who were using their much-needed voices for the greater good of the animals.

If passed, this bill would have allowed shooting preserves with 500 acres of land or more to import animals not native to that area for the purpose of hunting.

As per the Providence Journal, elk, which is one of the biggest “prizes” in trophy hunting, is not the only victim that The Preserve is targeting. It is looking to import other non-native animals, such as wild boar, for members to hunt as well.

WAN is praying that this bill is put to rest indefinitely!

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