Actor Paul Wesley Joins Mercy For Animals For Powerful New PSA That Confronts Our Food System & Factory Farming


Mercy For Animals (MFA) has teamed up with actor and animal advocate Paul Wesley, best known for the hit show The Vampire Diaries and the new series Tell Me a Story.

Wesley is the voice for a special new animated PSA by Mercy For Animals called “Aliens,” that was just released at the beginning of November. The PSA depicts a story about aliens visiting our planet and humans trying to justify our food system. Further explaining that plants are grown mostly to feed the animals that are being raised for meat while many people around the world continue to go hungry.

It’s a powerful PSA that will have many questioning why we continue to allow factory farming, when evidence clearly shows that animal agriculture is not only  harmful for the animals that are slaughtered, but also harmful for our health and the planet.

This is the first time MFA has collaborated with Wesley on an official project, but this isn’t the first time Wesley has brought attention to factory farming. In 2014 he called on major meat corporations to ban gestation crates and he often uses his Twitter platform to spread awareness and inspire compassion for all animals.

WAN thanks Paul Wesley and MFA for bringing awareness to such an important topic. We hope that this PSA awakens more people to reconsider a plant-based diet and helps them choose a more compassionate lifestyle.

Check out MFA’s new PSA HERE!  #ChooseCompassionOnYourPlate

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