Actress & Animal Advocate Mena Suvari Among More Than 200 Protestors At Fur Free Friday Demonstration in Beverly Hills

Actresses Mena Suvari and Donna D’Errico were among the compassionate crowd of more than 200 animal advocates who spent the day after Thanksgiving peacefully protesting against the fur trade.

Organized by Last Chance for Animals (LCA), along with a coalition of animal rights organizations and activists, the annual “Fur Free Friday” demonstration aims to raise awareness of the cruelties inflicted on the millions of fur-bearing animals that are slaughtered each year for the sake of fashion.

This year’s demonstration, which included hundreds of people marching  along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Friday, November 24th, was led by Bryan Monell, LCA’s Activist of the Year award recipient, and former LCA undercover animal rights investigator who was instrumental in passing the historic West Hollywood fur ban.

“Billions of animals are executed every year to make coats, bags and charms,” said Chris DeRose, LCA president and founder. “The decision not to buy or wear fur would be easy if more people knew about the deplorable conditions these animals are raised in that literally drives them insane. Our goal on Fur Free Friday is to pull back the veil and educate the public about the grim truth.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), In Defense of Animals, Beagle Freedom Project, Compassion Works International, Anti-Fur Society, Earthlings and Los Angeles Animal Save also participated in last Friday’s protest to double down on their firm stance against retailers that sell fur, and the inherent cruelty of the fur industry that uses torturous kill methods, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing and poison to kill beautiful animals just for vanity and fashion.

Fortunately, many luxury brand leaders are joining the likes of Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and Armani in their commitment to go fur free. Joie, and most recently, Gucci, are among other high-end brands to eliminate fur from their clothing and products.

As previously reported by WAN, other compassionate clothing lines making the news this year include rocker Jon Bon Jovi’s “Hart N Dagger” label, which is now replacing the real leather patches on the back of their jeans with faux leather, as well as opting to use vegan alternatives to any other items that incorporate animal skins.

As always, WAN and its charity Peace 4 Animals encourage people to make compassion the fashion!

Something important to consider while shopping for gifts, or for yourself, this holiday season!

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