Actress Nikki Reed Saves A Dog Named Lucy From Being Put Down At The Shelter

A heartwarming story by Nikki Reed, in honor of Lucy, a dog she rescued exactly one year ago this week, who has such an incredible story!

I wrote this the second I left the shelter so I wouldn’t forget a single detail, and because we are celebrating her “one year” anniversary, I wanted to share it with all of you. So many sad things happen in the rescue world all the time so it’s nice to share one with a happy ending

I walked into the shelter this morning prepared to pick up a mama cat and her litter of kittens and deliver them to the Fur Kids rescue just outside of Atlanta. Instead, I became a part of a dog’s life, who has a story that has forever touched mine. A staff member who I know well, pulled me aside and quietly told me about a pregnant pitbull in the back room, tempting me to foster her. Of course I had to meet her. We walked back to the cold, sterile “holding room” where few make it to; the sick, the pregnant, and the ones who are minutes away from being euthanized. Every time I walk back there, the hairs stand on the back of my neck without fail. I look inside of the cage next to the pregnant mom, at a terrified, but gentle, defeated looking brindle dog. She reminded me of my childhood dog, with eyes that spoke louder than any word ever could; her expression so powerful, one could argue she understood everything being said in that room. “Why is she being put down?” I asked. “Some woman just dropped her off and paid for the service, she said something about the dog chewing up her bathroom.” she told me. I was livid. “Absolutely not! The answer is NO. Give her to me. Let me talk to the woman. I’ll pay her back and give her whatever else she wants but you cannot kill this dog because it chewed up a bathroom! Are you crazy?!?!” I said in one breath. My staff-member friend walked away, buying a couple of minutes so I could come up with a plan.

We scanned the dog trying to locate a microchip so I could find an address and drive to the woman’s door with some money in exchange for a note saying I could take ownership of the dog. The clock was ticking, and due to rules enforced by the law, if someone pays for an animal to be put down the shelter must do it. No exceptions, at least this is what they told me. I opened her cage. I told her I would figure this out. I didn’t have a concrete plan but there is power in a couple of kisses and a promise. Suddenly I hear, “Nikki, you’re never going to believe this. The dog isn’t hers. We just called the number and a man answered. The woman who brought her in to be euthanized is his neighbor.” It turns out, this sweet man lost his wife a couple of years back, his house was foreclosed on, and he couldn’t take care of his animals. This woman, his neighbor, agreed to watch his dog, and without informing anyone, made the executive decision to put her down for “chewing up her bathroom”. My only thought; I just don’t understand people. I sat for 30 min until he arrived. As soon as he walked in, Lucy became the dog we all knew she was. The joy emanating from that creature was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Lucy was safe, and she knew it the second she saw him walk through the door. After tears and a hundred doggy kisses, he explained he still didn’t have the ability to take care of her, so I asked the amazing rescue that I work with in Georgia, Fur Kids Atlanta, to help us find her a forever home. And before we left, the man told me he believed his wife was watching over us. He said this dog came into their lives right before she passed away from a torturous battle with liver cancer, and that they had rescued Lucy together. And if there’s one thing I am sure of, it is exactly that. She is watching over us, and Lucy is meant to be here.

❤P.S. Lucy found her forever home!

By: Nikki Reed

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