Over And Above Africa, A New Non-Profit Bringing A Global Community Together To Fight To Protect Africa’s Most Endangered Species!

Over and Above Africa, is a new non-profit on a mission to bring a global community to the front line of the fight to protect Africa’s most endangered animals, announced today the launch of OverandAboveAfrica.com, its highly-anticipated, content and subscription platform.

The Company, founded by award-winning film producer Kerry David (Agent Cody Banks, My Date with Drew), aims to make the plight of endangered animals in Africa personal for individuals around the world and remove the current disconnect between donation and visible action on the ground where it counts.  

Our aim is to make the saving of endangered animals in Africa a real and personal experience for individuals around the world and remove the current disconnect between giving a dollar and seeing that dollar effect meaningful change on the ground,” said Founder & CEO, Kerry David.

Based on a simple idea coined ‘Affordable Philanthropy™’ Over and Above Africa members pay a subscription fee of five dollars a month. Funds are pooled and finance a select number of highly-targeted and diligently vetted anti-poaching initiatives across Africa. 

Each of the supported initiatives are then closely monitored as members’ funds are put into action, documented by a team of on-the-ground filmmakers, drone operators and photographers. These stories are then continually transmitted directly back to members via the web platform in order for them to see and experience the clear and direct impact their contributions are having on the poaching crisis.

See Over and Above Africa’s first funded initiative here: “Boots for Rangers” Video.

Poaching is an enormous problem that isn’t going away. It can however be stopped and for that to happen, there has to be a point where we collectively stand up and say no more. Over and Above Africa is a way that anyone – for the price of a cup of coffee – can play a part in that change and see the difference they’re making, as it happens.”  Added Executive Director, Jennifer Pfister.

Over and Above Africa has assembled a notable advisory board with leading figures from the worlds of conservation and technology which include; Dereck & Beverly Joubert, Emmy-winning filmmakers and Explorers-in-Residence at National Geographic, Steve Galster, Founder of Freeland and A.R.R.E.S.T, Alan Feldstein, Founder, Infinite Safari Adventures & The Cheetah Conservation Trust, and technology luminary, Jon Epstein of Sentient Technologies.

 “Over and Above Africa’s innovative new platform introduces an entirely new source of funding to the wildlife trafficking crisis in Africa. It’s a very exciting prospect for us in the field and extremely timely.” – said Advisory Board Member, Intelligence Expert, Founder of Wildleaks and Elephant Action League, Andrea Crosta

“Over and Above Africa has aligned itself with exemplary NGO’s both as beneficiaries and as advisors on the ground in Africa to ensure its allocated funds support effective, complementary and proven anti-poaching initiatives that when used in conjunction with each other, strike a forceful blow to poaching and wildlife trafficking” Stated Advisory Board member, Assemblywoman, Autumn Burke.

Currently approved beneficiaries include, Nambiti Private Game Reserve, Nkombe Rhino, Great Plains Foundation, Rhinos Without Borders and Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

For More Information Or To Become A Member, Please Visit: https://www.Overandaboaveafrica.com 

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and in your glass. #GoVeg

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