Alleged Animal Abuser Osmany Toledo Suarez Arrested In Lee County, FL, Following ARM’s Undercover Investigation At Local Slaughter Farms

An extensive animal cruelty undercover investigation by Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) has resulted in the arrest of Osmany Toledo Suarez in Lee County, Florida.

Suarez’s apprehension came on the heels of ARM’s explosive press conference last week during which ARM founder Richard “Kudo” Couto exposed the alleged criminal cruelty and demanded that local and state officials be held accountable for their inaction and disregard for the suffering of animals at these farms.

The arrest was also made despite the State Attorney’s Office’s response that it was not able to use the appalling footage that captured severe animal abuse and slaughtering to prosecute the suspected criminals.

According to the local NBC news affiliate, Suarez was apprehended Monday evening after a neighbor called police alerting them to a situation in which an injured pig with no water was confined at one of the four farms investigated by ARM.

The farm owner of several properties along Eastwood Acres Road, Roman Hernandez, allowed deputies access to the property where the suspect admitted to owning a pig and several goats.

The footage of the horrific animal abuse taking place in their neighborhood prompted a large number of animal advocates to protest in front of the East Lee County farm on Sunday.

“This is happening right here in our backyards,” local resident Ed Flanagan told the news outlet. “We’re just not going to stand for things like this that are inhumane.”

While Suarez was arrested on minor counts of animal abuse, ARM posted on its Facebook page that ”he is, in fact, one of the most violent animal abusers which ARM exposed, during its Lee County investigations.”

Another protest is reportedly scheduled for this Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m.

As per ARM, the undercover investigation began in July of 2015 on what was suspected to be an illegal animal slaughter farm. Within minutes, undeniable evidence confirmed inhumane and heinous crimes against animals.

What transpired from this initial discovery, resulted in a grueling years-long investigation which has exposed a total of four illegal animal cruelty operations at Rancho Delicias, Rancho Anthony & Roman, Rancho Santa Barbara, and Rancho Cabrera.

Throughout the investigation, ARM compiled evidence documenting various illegal activities ranging from the sale of horse meat intended for human consumption to dogs undergoing aggression training which is conducive to dog-fighting operations. Domestic and farm animals were also allegedly being sold for suspected ritualistic practices.

Suarez is expected in court on May 8th.

Let your voice be heard. Demand more arrests and harsher prosecution. Demand the shut down of these illegal slaughterhouses.

Contact Florida Governor Rick Scott at 850-488-7146 or Contact information for other Lee County, Florida’s elected officials is also available HERE!

People can also sign a petition below demanding harsher punishments HERE!

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