Animal Advocates Hold Memorial Vigil For 800 Cows That Perished In Barn Fire In Canada; Every Life Matters


It is heartbreaking to think about the hundreds of thousands of innocent animals that are held in dire conditions on factory farms around the world every day; waiting to be slaughtered for their meat.

Some don’t even make it to the slaughterhouse, the reason why is equally devastating. Many cows, such as the 800 that were killed in a fire last week at Pennwood Dairy Farm in Steinbach, Manitoba, die horrific deaths due to preventable barn fires.

It is all so tragically senseless. The 800 cows that perished should have never been held in an overcrowded barn on a factory farm in the first place.

Ten animal advocates with Manitoba Animal Save agree and gathered over the weekend to remember those sentient beings that passed, as well as to raise awareness about the plight of slaughterhouses and places around the world that exploit animals.

“We gathered to remember these beautiful animals, to show the world that their lives mattered. Their lives mattered to them. They matter to us,” the group stated in a post on its Facebook page. “Barn fires continue to happen all across Manitoba that claim the lives of innocent, enslaved animals. As a society we have to do better. For them, for each other, and for our planet.”

“We are so sorry sweet cows that we could not save you and that you suffered so greatly,” continued the post. “We will never stop fighting for your brothers and sisters until every animal is free.”

The cause of what was most-likely another preventable barn fire is currently under investigation.

In May, tens of thousands of chickens also perished during a barn fire in southeastern Manitoba. Every life matters.

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