Animal Advocates In Las Vegas Call On Local Restaurant To Stop Serving Foie Gras During 2nd Protest In 4 Days; Encourages People To Go Vegan!

Photo by Rachel Aston, Las Vegas Review Journal

For the second time in four days, animal advocates stood outside of a Las Vegas restaurant in protest of it serving foie gras.

The latest demonstration near Sparrow + Wolf occurred on Sunday evening with members of Animal Action Las Vegas (AALV) holding signs that shared pro-vegan messages such as “It’s not food, it’s violence” and “Their lives, not ours” as well as other sentiments that oppose the consumption of meat; in this case, specifically foie gras.

As per the organization’s Facebook page, the legal and peaceful June 22nd protest was designed to shine a light on the horrific injustice that happens at farms and slaughterhouses around the world. It also denounced any involvement in previous alleged threats to the restaurant’s owner and chef.

“Our goal here in Las Vegas is to expand people’s understanding of vegans the importance of the inner plant-based diet. We accomplish this through education, exposure, and disruption of the norm,” states the post. “We get it; change is uncomfortable as we are all creatures of habit and is easy to become complacent. The change is a must even if we don’t align as to our diets or personal choices, that’s not going to stop us from spreading our message.”

The post continued to educate people about the appalling treatment of ducks prior to them becoming someone’s dinner.

“It’s when a duck is force-fed via a tube several times a day for up to two weeks,” explained the post. “Their liver swells up to 10 times the normal size and then is stolen for consumption.”

It is not a delicacy as some claim. It’s abhorrent and a total disregard for the innocent lives of sentient beings.

Fortunately, as noted in the post, “more and more people are waking up and realizing that all animals deserve the right to live and it is not even necessary for us to consume them. The fact is, it’s terrible for our personal consumption.”

A grassroots animal-rights community, Animal Action Las Vegas organizes protests, marches, open rescues, speak out and disruptions, with an emphasis on nonviolent direct action.

ALV maintains that all sentient beings, human or nonhuman, share a basic right, the right not to be treated as property.

WAN agrees and as always, encourages people to adopt a plant-based diet. It is better for their health, the environment, and equally important, the animals.

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