Animal Advocates In New Zealand Call For An End To Farm Animal Exports On International Awareness Day To Stop Live Transport


Today, on International Awareness Day to Stop Live Transport, more than 80 animal advocates in New Zealand were among those calling for an end to the appalling export of live farm animals.

Members of the animal rights organization Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE) demonstrated outside of the Parliament urging for a ban on the live export of animals to countries with lower animal welfare, transport and slaughter standards than New Zealand.

SAFE was one of more than 50 animal groups that gathered globally, marking the tragic anniversary of when 13,000 sheep arrived in Somalia dead following a disastrous live transport attempt that began in Romania.

“Animals who survive live export from New Zealand often face a life of suffering in their destination country,” SAFE’s Head of Campaigns, Marianne Macdonald, said in a statement. “By allowing animals to be sent to countries with lower animal welfare standards, the Government is undermining our animal protection laws.”

According to the organization, on June 11th, Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced that the Government was considering a range of options, following a review of the live animal export trade. The Minister ordered this review three months after SAFE contacted him in January 2019 with evidence of the severe suffering of New Zealand cows in Sri Lanka.

While one of the options the Government is considering is a ban on the export of live cattle, SAFE insists this will not go far enough.

“New Zealand exports millions of animals each year, not only cattle, but sheep, goats and chicks. 99.9% of the animals exported go to countries whose animal treatment and slaughter methods would be illegal here,” continued Macdonald.

These archaic and inhumane practices should be illegal everywhere!

SAFE is requesting that people help urge the Government to prohibit the live export of farmed animals to countries that have lower animal welfare, transport and slaughter standards than New Zealand by signing its petition HERE!

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