Animal Advocates Plan Peaceful Protest Tomorrow At 2018 Pennsylvania Farm Show

2016 photos by Daniel Zampogna, PennLive

Animal rights advocates are planning a peaceful protest tomorrow, January 6th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, during the opening day of the 2018 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Members of Harrisburg Area Animal Action will be among those holding signs condemning the inhumane treatment of animals and handing out literature near the Cameron Street lobby at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

“We will protest the absolutely abhorrent use of animals for food and entertainment. The PA Farm Show is one of the most visible showcases of this horror show in the country,” the organization stated on it’s Facebook event page. “This will be a standard “protest” only, we are not planning a disruption. The protest will take place within the Farm Show’s designated free speech zone. It is our hope that we can gather enough activists at one time, on the opening night of the Farm Show, to make a significant impression.”

In 2016 Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) made headlines for holding “It’s Not Food. It’s Violence” and “Animals Are Not Ours to Use” posters while Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf made his opening remarks at the event.

“Governor Wolf came here today to support an industry whose day has passed,” said DxE organizer Rachel Zeigler in a statement at the time. “Clear majorities of Americans support protection of animals from all suffering and harm; something that can only happen when we end this violent industry.”

Some of the demonstrators were subsequently escorted out of complex and detained by state police.

Harrisburg Area Animal Action are the main organizers of the protest this year.

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