Animal Hope And Wellness Foundation Launches Game-Changing Microchip Initiative In China To Save Dogs From The Dog Meat Trade


Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation (AHWF) has launched its Canine Microchip Initiative late last month in China; with the first dog microchipped in Guangzhou, China.

Funded by AHWF, the pioneering program calls for the microchipping of more than 100,000 pets in dog meat active cities. AHWF is partnering with local vets within these regions to set up “Microchip Clinics” where microchips will be provided to pet owners free of charge. The initiative also includes the creation of a database that aims to protect people’s pets; and, in the case that they are stolen, to reunite them with their families. More details can be found at

“AHWF’s Canine Microchip Initiative is extremely important because, in China, most of the dogs pushed into the meat trade are stolen from their owners,” said forward-thinking animal activist and founder of AHWF.  “Just as in the United States, laws must be in place to protect the property of their citizens.”

The month before the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in June, the AHWF Canine Microchip Initiative will make its biggest push on transport trucks headed for Yulin; when, it has been speculated, roughly 80% of the dogs in transit are stolen pets. AHWF needs the cooperation of local governments in regards to specifics such as creating checkpoints on various road and highways leading into Yulin.

Ching had his first sit down meeting to discuss the initiative with members of the Yulin Government last month; including Yulin’s Government official in charge of Political Affairs, its Chief of Police and an accompanying officer. In addition to covering topics that ranged from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival to how we can work together to create change, Ching requested to be a member on the team allowed to scan each truck and is waiting for a response.

AHWF is passing out scanning devices to local activists who will stop trucks filled with dogs trying to enter the city. Those found transporting microchipped dogs will be confiscated and re-routed to local rescue groups pre-approved by AHWF. Participating local groups will then assume responsibility and care for the dogs.

Ultimately, AHWF would like this initiative to lead to the passing of legislation banning the slaughter and consumption of dogs.

Source & Photo Credit: Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

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