Animal Liberation Victoria & Vegan Advocate James Aspey To Host Hundreds At 5-Day Fast Outside Of Australian Pig Slaughterhouse


Beginning on Monday, December 4th, 2017, hundreds of animal advocates will participate in a 5-day fast and 5-night Justice Camp held outside of Australia’s Diamond Valley Pork (DVP), Victoria’s largest pig slaughterhouse that has the capacity to kill up to 2,500 pigs per day.

Arranged and hosted by Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) and outspoken vegan and animal rights advocate James Aspey, the peaceful protest to promote veganism also commemorates the third anniversary of the release of, ALV’s powerful undercover footage of the horrific gassing, stunning, and slaughter of pigs that shocked Australia.

“Most pigs in Australia are stunned in gas chambers; people think these pigs gently fall asleep, the opposite is true. They struggle violently. Their eyes and nostrils burn intensely,” explains ALV on its website. “What the industry does not want us to know is that water and high levels of carbon dioxide form carbonic acid on their eyes and every surface, so when the pigs inhale, their lungs, throat, nose and mouth becomes acidic. In their last moments, these pigs are burning from the inside out.”

According to the organization, the founder of ALV, Patty Mark, will be fasting alongside James Aspey, who gained notoriety in 2014 when he took a vow of silence for 365 days to ‘speak up’ for animal rights.

“Over a billion animals are being murdered every week, but people only care when it’s an animal with a name,” Aspey noted on a Facebook post encouraging others to join the protest because there is power in numbers. “Desperate times call for desperate actions and apparently, animals getting their throats slit in slaughterhouses isn’t newsworthy, so we are spending 5 days outside of a slaughterhouse. No food! 5 day fast for the animals.”

While some people may choose not to fast, they can still participate by bearing witness to the staggering truckloads of pigs at the slaughterhouse amid their final moments before being killed for food.

More Information about the Justice Camp and the five-day fast can be found HERE!

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