Animal Memorial Held Sunday In Napa Honored Animals Who Lost Their Lives In Northern CA Wildfires

Fortunately, this goat survived and has become a symbol of resiliency for Napa residents. Photo by Jose Carlos Fajardo, Bay Area News Group

As wildfires continued to threaten Southern California over the weekend, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) and San Rafael-based In Defense of Animals, hosted a memorial to honor some of the lives lost during the devastating wildfire that rampaged through Napa and Sonoma counties in October.

The two-hour memorial ceremony for all animals, domestic and wild, took place at the Silverado Resort & Spa on Sunday.

According to the Napa Valley Register, more than 50 people attended the service where they shared stories, photos, and mementos, as they processed their grief for the wild and domestic animals lost in the fire. Participants placed stones in a bowl, each stone representing an animal that perished in the fire. A communal blessing that was officiated by local clergy.

Howard Yune, Register

“We acknowledge their suffering and we give them our love,” said Lisa Levinson of In Defense of Animal. “We also praise the heroic people who came to their aid.”

“We were all deeply affected by the Napa and Sonoma fires and many animals lost their lives during this tragedy,” JARR co-founder, Monica Stevens previously noted. “As an animal rescue organization, we wanted to recognize those companion animals and the wildlife who died, and remember them as an integral part of our community and family. So many of those animals who died are never mentioned, and we felt it important to honor their lives.”

Napa County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Belia Ramos officiated, along with Captain Jake White of CalFire, and Claudia Saunders of Napa Community Animal Response Team. They were instrumental in leading animal search and rescue during the fires.

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