Animal Rights Netherlands Release Shocking Undercover Footage Of Rampant Animal Cruelty In Dutch Pig Industry


More heartbreaking instances of animal cruelty were recently exposed after an employee of Animal Rights Netherlands worked undercover in the pig industry in the Dutch provinces of Gelderland and Noord-Brabant.

Throughout the horrible footage, sick and wounded piglets are left to suffer on their own while their mothers are being hit and kicked while transferred between cages. Equally harrowing are the sounds of piglets screaming in terror and pain during the barbaric removal of their tails and grinding of their teeth.

Tragically, according to Animal Rights campaign leader Erwin Vermeulen, this cruelty is common practice in pig breeding, where the piglets and their mothers live above a pond of their own waste, on concrete floors, in barren and filthy cages, and are subjected to practices that violate the animals’ integrity.

No sentient being should ever be treated this way.

“The docking of tails and the grinding of teeth are standard practices, and as routine are forbidden by EU law,” Vermeulen explained in a statement. “Piglets scream out during these painful procedures, while the sows, trapped between steel bars, look on, scream out and struggle powerlessly to come to the rescue of their offspring.”

With no working experience, the undercover person was able to start right away with rough-handed pig breeders in the Dutch towns of Lunteren and Nuenen.

In the ‘maternity ward’ or ‘farrowing house’, the inexperienced “employee” was left to earmark the recently born animals, cut off their tails, inject them with vaccines and antibiotics, and grind their teeth.

As if that is not tragic enough, the unnamed undercover animal advocate also revealed how heart-wrenching it was to witness the defeated sows laying in the farrowing cages next to their stillborn piglets.

Unfathomably, the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA) said in its reaction, that most practices, as unpleasant as they are to watch and hear, are legal, with the exception of hitting and kicking the pigs. The Minister of Agriculture appallingly responded that footage taken does not constitute as evidence of abuse.

If the Minister of Agriculture, or someone she loved was subjected to a fraction of what these poor, defenseless animals are subjected to, she most surely would find that it does constitute as abuse and cruelty.

“Pigs are intelligent, social beings, who are convicted to a sad, sickening existence in the meat industry,” said Vermeulen. “With the holidays fast approaching, we request that consumers stop eating animals, as this is the only way to end this cruelty.”

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