Annual Easter Sheep Race At Hoo Farm In England Canceled Following Animal Advocates Outrage

After nearly three decades, an annual sheep race has been eliminated from an Easter-themed event in a small village in England.

Per Will Dorrell, of the family-owned Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom located in Preston-on-the-Weald Moors in Shropshire, the Sheep Grand National has been stopped in its tracks because of protesting animal advocates and vegans.

According to the London Economic, Dorrell succumbed to the pressure and threats made by those who consider the race to be “evil” and “inhumane.”

Previously promoted as “The absolute pinnacle of the Sheep Racing World,” the 16-animal-spectacle features frantic sheep running and jumping over fences, sometimes with stuffed animal jockeys tied on their backs.

The Hoo Farm claims that the animals participating in the race to reach food left at the end of the course in front of a noisy crowd of spectators are not coerced in any way.


“Sheep are naturally shy, timid creatures,” explains the Lambentations, a group created to bring an end to sheep racing, on their website. “Sheep are prey animals, which means they are sought, captured, and eaten by a predator. So, sheep only run when they are frightened for their lives.”

While WAN is thrilled that the race was canceled, a look at the Hoo Farm’s website reveals sheep are not the only animals it exploits for so-called entertainment and profit.

Numerous “experiences” are offered at the farm including one called the Carnivore Combo where people can hold snakes, stroke Servals and feed Foxes their favorite food but as noted on its website “this isn’t for the faint of heart as the chicken comes in its purest form but gloves are provided.”

The farm also states on its website that it will not force the “animals to do anything against their nature.”

There seems to be nothing natural about wild animals being manhandled by humans or sheep racing for their lives solely for the “entertainment” purposes and profit.

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