Another Example Of Why Wild Animals Should Not Be Used For Entertainment; 2 Circus Tigers Die In 1 Month In South Carolina

As if we need more examples of why wild animals should never be exploited for entertainment purposes, according to recently released U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection reports from April, two tigers used by notorious circus exhibitor Hawthorn Corporation died in a little more than one month.

According to the reports, a tiger named Prince became hypothermic while on the road, and by the time that he was finally seen by a veterinarian, he was lying down, dehydrated, and having difficulty breathing. Sadly, he ultimately had to be euthanized.

A second tiger, Munia, died on the road when trainers claimed that they were not able to contact a veterinarian, and Hawthorn refused to allow a necropsy.

The documents also show that Hawthorn was cited for confining tigers to cramped cages and failing to provide an emaciated tiger named King with much-needed veterinary care.

“Dozens of tigers have died on Hawthorn’s watch, and these new documents show that the death toll is rising,” said PETA Foundation Associate Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Rachel Mathews. “Public opposition to using animals in circuses has never been stronger, and PETA is calling on Shrine clubs nationwide to heed the compassionate call to go animal-free.”

Yesterday, PETA sent a letter to the Hejaz Shriners, which sponsored Super Circus Spectacular performances in March and April that used tigers provided by Hawthorn, urging the organization to stop hosting circuses that feature animal acts.

The Shiners International sponsored Shrine Circus travels to an estimated 120 cities per year in the United States.

Hawthorn has reportedly accumulated $272,500 in USDA penalties and has had its license suspended twice.

The company also recently made headlines in April when a truck transporting tigers from the Hejaz Shrine Circus in South Carolina to Illinois got a flat tire and the driver left it in a parking lot before reportedly checking himself into a motel. The poor animals remained unattended inside the small cages for hours.

WAN does not support the use and exploitation of animals for entertainment.

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