Another Reminder Why It’s Important To Keep Wildlife In The Wild!


A severely stressed and pregnant blue duiker sadly died from horrific injuries that she most likely endured from being kept as a pet.

According to the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW), the small antelope’s hooves had been cut down to the nerves with some sort of cutting tool from possibly being housed on a concrete floor.

The organization also reported that her horns had been filed down, taking away a duiker’s only line of defense when faced with a confrontation.

“The act of maiming is illegal and often takes place when wild animals are kept as pets, an alarming trend that has severe repercussions for our wildlife,” CROW explained in a statement released today. “Frighteningly, these cases are common and include the filing down of teeth, horns, and hooves, as well as the docking of tails and ears for aesthetic purposes.”

Many of these unfathomable acts are often rationalized by people as being a way of safeguarding their children or pets from the hazards of keeping a wild animal as a pet.

The illegal keeping of indigenous wild animals and ownership of exotic wildlife is growing at a rapid rate, with only a handful of organizations on the forefront of a silent war against it.

CROW, the only registered wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of all indigenous wildlife found in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, urges anyone who finds a wild animal in need to contact their local wildlife authority or rehabilitation facility.

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