Update On Recent Pig Wrestling Event At Kosciusko County Community Fair In Warsaw, Indiana

The controversial pig wrestling competition that took place recently at the Kosciusko County Community Fair in Warsaw, Indiana, continues to raise questions about what is animal cruelty and what it means to be compassionate to all sentient beings.

Many animal advocates are voicing their condemnation for the event on the Fair’s Facebook page.

“It has come to my attention that the county fair held a “pig wrestling” event where animals were chased, tackled, and then violently forced onto tires during which there were shouting fans. Not only is all of the uproar terrifying to the animals, but the manner in which these pigs were handled could have very well resulted in severe injuries such as broken limbs and backs,” noted one advocate under the Fair’s review section. “Don’t you agree that all animals, be they companion animals or farm animals, deserve respect as well as gentle handling? I ask that you cancel the pig wrestling event, and instead, replace it with a kinder, more compassionate event in future years.”

WAN couldn’t agree more! That is why we are choosing to post this update to the original article we ran earlier this week.

Original Article:

WAN will never understand how anyone can think that exploiting and abusing animals is fun. There is nothing fun about it. It is unnecessarily cruel, inherently mean-spirited, and wrong on every level.

It is also what unfathomably occurred recently during a pig wrestling competition at the Kosciusko County Community Fair in Warsaw, Indiana.

It is hard to believe that events like this sill even exist. Making it worse is the fact that there is a breed of human beings that are responsible for it, even participating in it.

The event, which on the organization’s website is falsely designed to find out who is “better, man or beast,” took place on Thursday evening with teams wrestling the poor innocent animals in front of cheering onlookers.

Videos of grown men shouting “not that one, get a juicy one” and “here piggy piggy” were posted on the Fair’s Facebook page. Watching as they chased, cornered, and manhandled the pig all while it squealed in terror was unbearable.

In this case, the “beasts” are clearly better!

What kind of organization, let alone people, does this?

According to what WAN discovered on its website, it is not surprisingly, one marred by controversy.

While this response is not about the pig wrestling event, it is telling.

“On May 2, 2018, a Verified Complaint for Temporary Restraining Order, Preliminary Injunctive Relief, and Permanent Injunctive Relief was filed against Kosciusko County Community Fair, Inc. The claims in the Complaint surround community activities that take place at the fairgrounds and how they affect certain citizens,” noted an official statement that was issued on June 21, 2018. “The Fair Board is very reluctant to make statements to the press and would prefer to address the Complaint that has been filed against it in Court, rather than through the media.”

Are they worried about bad publicity? They should have thought about that before they decided to exploit animals for “so-called” entertainment and profit.

Though they would probably “prefer” not to hear from people opposing the event, perhaps they should…

Kosciusko County Community Fair’s contact information is as follows: 1400 East Smith Street PO Box 1093 Warsaw, IN 46581-1093 Phone: (574) 269-1823 Fax: (574) 269-9197 www.kcfair.com fairoffice@kcfair.org

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